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Cleaning Up the Dirty Part of IT

Recycling e-waste can save enough energy to power thousands of homes per year.

Gem Lifecycles commitment to support a sustainable environment from an electronic waste perspective is a responsibility that drives the purpose for the organization.
Gem Lifecycle’s commitment to electronic sustainability is multi faceted.

  • Reuse before Recycle: Gem Lifecycle keeps electronic waste from being disposed of into landfills as a first option, by providing programs that focus on providing fully functional assets into the secondary market for reuse.
  • Compliant Recycling: Gem Lifecycle utilizes recycling programs that are compliant with the latest environmental standards that are set forth in the electronics industry. We use only certified partners for the down streaming of their recycled materials, so that the materials being shipped are sent for re-processing back into their original raw commodity.

By partnering with Gem Lifecycle, our clients not only maximize the life-long value of the assets, but they also support making the environment a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Gem Lifecyle exists to fill the necessary role of helping clients offload IT assets in a secure and sustainable way, we exist to do that and much more.

Since our beginning in 2002 as a non-ferrous recycler, Gem Lifecyle is continually rethinking and reinventing how companies can maximize the value of IT assets while creating a cleaner and more sustainable planet for future generations.

Gem Lifecycle makes good on our commitments. Our commitments to clients, to our team members, and to the planet.

Gem Lifecycle does things the right way. We do not cut corners or take shortcuts. Gem Lifecycle safeguards our client’s data and reputation. That is how we make good on these commitments.

Gem Lifecycle’s goal is to repurpose all IT Assets that enters our facility. We test each device to determine its functionality then cleanse data, repair and re-sell / repurpose your equipment. Everything leaves our facilities is ready to continue providing value.

Gem Lifecycle will arrange pick-up of your equipment which is then received at our Gem Lifecycle high security facility. Product is triaged and sanitized of data using NIST 800-88 data destruction / erasure standards. Devices are repaired, cleaned and re-sold into Gem Lifecycles extensive resale market.

To ensure you meet your ESG goals and reduce additional carbon footprint, devices are further processed in our state-of-the-art facilities for extended value recovery and re-use. 

Devices that are beyond economical repair are dismantled and harvested for working components such as hard drives, memory, video cards, chips, processors, circuit boards, screens and batteries.  Any remaining materials are then further processed to recover plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous materials for re-use. Nothing goes to the landfill. Every device that leaves our facilities are ready to continue providing value

Keep It Out Of Landfills

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