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Gem Lifecycle owns a state-of-the-art custom built shredder system with the capacity to shred 20,000 lbs per hour. Gem Lifecycle also has a full-service dismantling and sortation line to support your recycling needs. Gem Lifecycle shreds proprietary and EOL material down to a commodity level. This includes ferrous, non-ferrous, circuit boards and plastics. The commodity then goes to top level smelters globally, which Gem Lifecycle has built strong relationships with during its 20 years recycling tenure.

Gem Lifecycle guarantees, that all your electronic equipment is recycled properly and ensures that all sensitive information on data containing devices will be properly destroyed or sanitized to Department of Defense Standards. Gem Lifecycle has committed to building an ethical processing environment that repurposes and fully recycles all material, making sure no toxic, harmful or environmental leaching occurs.

  • Gem Lifecycle’s no Landfill Policy ensures that all electronics and components will be recycled to the fullest extent and never disposed of in a landfill.
  • Certificates of Recycling or Certificate of Data Destruction will be issued for every shipment of electronics recycled.
  • Gem Lifecycle guarantees that all of our client’s electronic equipment will be environmentally recycled properly and data bearing information on hard drives will be wiped or destroyed.
  • Gem Lifecycle utilizes and extensive inventory management system that tracks all material that enters our facilities. We maintain a record database which is easily accessible through our client portal. We make sure we comply with all applicable regulations and laws.
  • Gem Lifecycle’s e-recycling division primary focus is the proper processing of all electronics that have been evaluated and determined to not have any further reuse value and have reached end of life.

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Gem Lifecycle focuses ,on optimizing value throughout the lifecycle of IT and electronic assets.

Return On Investment

Our Resale team works a diverse channel platform. After we identify the best channel to resell your equipment, we work that channel to get the most value for it.

Lifecycle Solutions

IT hardware is constantly changing and improving every day. Keeping up with this pace and maintaining a healthy refresh cycle is challenging for organizations of all types and sizes. As our clients refresh their assets they rely on us to optimize the value of their assets. Working with our team of integrated partners provides start-to-finish solutions that optimize each stage of the life cycle.

From procurement to final disposition and data destruction services, we work with you to design the best IT asset lifecycle and decommissioning strategy based on your company’s goals.

Lease management, redeployment, inventory management, and warehousing are areas we provide the expertise you need to manage your program properly.

Keep It Out Of Landfills

Contact us today to responsibly dispose of electronic waste.