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A Better Planet through Better ITAD

Electronic waste only takes up 2% of our landfills but accounts for 70% of our total toxic waste production.

The world of technology continues to advance, and the environmental impact of this ongoing tech advancement is growing just as rapidly.

To keep pace with technology without destroying Earth for future generations, we all need to reconsider and rewrite best practices of IT Asset Disposition and Management.

At Gem Lifecycle, we approach your retiring technology hardware with a fully integrated and holistic strategy – all the way down to the chip level.

We have four priorities at all times:

  1. Protect your data.
  2. Maximize the value of every device and component.
  3. Create a more sustainable planet, by not only reducing your carbon footprint, but also maintaining our Zero-Landfill Promise.
  4. Improve the lives of everyone we engage with.

Be part of the Zero Landfill Promise.

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No matter what your organization is or does.

Increase Your Start To Finish ROI
with IT Lifecycle Optimization.

At Gem Lifecycle we provide market intelligence on your electronic equipment to provide optimum value back to you. Prior to resale, we make sure that all equipment is inventoried, has its data wiped, is fully tested, and gets repackaged for sale.

We can predictively and extemporaneously analyze the entire lifecycle value of each device to determine when and how to most cost-effectively and responsibly reuse, redeploy, resell, or recycle a device and its individual components – with absolutely nothing going to the landfill.

"Honest, Reliable, and Kind People, which isn’t common in recycling!"

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